The Meaning of Mothers Day

“That Someone you never forget”

“That Someone you never forget” is a song that the late great Elvis Presley wrote about his beloved mother Gladys Love Presley.  He wrote a number of songs about her including “Mama loved the Roses.”  Elvis is not alone with lots of artists over the years writing songs about their mothers from the poignant Dolly Parton hit “Coat of Many Colours” to Paul McCartney “Let it Be” to Madness’s “Our House” to more recently the 2014 Beyoncé’s “Ring Off” hit.  Why are Mothers such a popular subject for song and verse?  Well quite simply for most of us our Mothers are with us through thick and thin and we love them.  Which is why Mothers Day is one of the most important days in our calendar when we take the time to thank our Mothers for all that they do for us.

So, we thought we would look at Mothers Day with ten interesting facts about this very important day which this year takes place on Sunday 26th March.

1.    Many people perhaps think that Mothers Day dates back to the rise of the card companies marking special occasions as a lucrative way of making money.  But actually, like many of our celebrations it dates all the way back to the Greeks and then the Romans.  In Greece, Spring Festivals were held in honour of the maternal goddess called Rhea.  She was the wife of Cronus and believed to be the mother of many deities.  The Romans also had a spring festival Hiaria dedicated to a mother goddess Cybele.

2.    Mothers Day in the UK has been celebrated since the 1600’s and always takes place on the 4th Sunday of Lent with a prayer service and then children would present their Mothers with flowers which is still a popular gift today.

3.    Mothers Day is celebrated all over the world but not at the same time.  In Norway, we celebrate it in February.  In the UK its March but most countries celebrate Mothers Day in May.
Celebrating Mothers Day
4.    Mothers Day for florists is busier than Valentine’s Day with a 40% increase in the purchase of flowers and is also a busy day for eating out as many families treat their Mothers to lunch or dinner out.

5.    In total, in the UK we spend on average £30 on gifts for our Mothers.  Though that is significantly less than in Brazil where they spend over £100 on gifts for their Mum.

6.    Flowers are one of the top gifts to give and studies show that giving a bouquet of flowers has many positive and psychological benefits so as well as brightening up the home we are also doing our Mothers some good.

7.    The most popular gifts to give our Mothers apart from flowers are theatre tickets, a cake, a spa voucher, a digital photo frame and a day off housework and cleaning though we think this last one should be compulsory for all Mothers at the very least they deserve a day off.

8.    According to an article in the Guardian last year.  The total value of all the unpaid work done by women in the UK from cooking meals and cleaning the house to childcare, DIY and gardening has been officially valued at £1 trillion a year by the country’s top statisticians.  So, as we said above they are truly deserving of a day off and a day to celebrate all that they do.

9.    “M” is definitely the universal letter for Mothers as in nearly all countries and languages Mother begins with the letter M.

10.    Finally, in our home country of Norway Mothers Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in February and has been celebrated since 1919.  Mother’s Day is a family holiday.  And it is the tradition that Mothers usually get breakfast and coffee in bed and are given flowers and gifts such as chocolates or cake.

Mothers Day it is always a really special day at the County Hotel and this year we are looking forward to celebrating our first Mothers Day at the Grapevine in Galashiels on March 26th.  This Mother’s Day we are offering children aged 10 or under eat for free (one free child meal per paying adult).

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